Product: 1/4 COW (+/- 150lb) priced at $ 6.50/lb (cut and wrapped weight) when purchasing (50% ground beef and 50% ribs/steaks..) order completed with $80 deposit.

1/4 COW (+/-150lb) Black and Red Angus

  • We arrange a pickup day on a Saturday (+/- 1 month after order) and contact you at least two days upfront by phone/email. We are located in Horton, 140 Tinswood road, Renfrew (ON), K7V3Z8 

    PICKUP at the Farm Office 

    Payment method: cash, debit-, credit card.

    Klaas de Vries 613 312 9603

  • We are a family farm raising red and black angus cattle with good quality hay and corn from our own fields. The cattle graze in three pastures during spring, summer, fall and enjoy there pasture with shelter close to the farm during winter. *Free from antibiotics and hormones.